Just Say No!

Christopher McCowen has been charged with Christa Worthington's murder.

In case you forgot--she's the fashion writer found stabbed to death in the Cape Cod town of Truro about three years ago.

McCowen's DNA was allegedly found at the scene. Reports are that he voluntarily submitted a DNA sample nearly two years ago--which the lab just got around to matching.

Ok. Note to all of you: Never, and I mean NEVER voluntarily submit a DNA sample. Got that? Never. Not if you're guilty, not if you're innocent, not ever. Even if you're pure as the driven snow, that sample will produce a profile that'll be uploaded into the CODIS database--and you so don't want that.

But if you're guilty? Oy. Please. Guilty people (indeed clients of mine) have voluntarily submitted incriminating evidence. Why, you might reasonably ask? Because the cops are so adept at putting pressure on people, and people are so neurotic about being under suspicion, that they do stupid things.

So if you're thinking about doing something stupid, like submitting a biological sample, standing in a lineup, or making a statement to a law enforcement official who doesn't have a warrant or a court order requiring you to do so--PLEASE remember: It's far better that they suspect you than convict you. Far better to let them suspect without proof than to allow them to prove their case through your vain attempt to deflect suspicion.
Got that? Good.

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Anonymous said...

Don't guilty people ever secretly want to feel the bite of justice? I'm not saying that the police should use coercive tactics - certainly not - but I know if I was guilty of a crime, I would definitely need a lawyer to protect me because I would be giving over that evidence as fast as I could. It's too bad the justice system seems to lack the mercy it needs for honest criminals to throw themselves upon.