Judge "Sick" Ric Howard Struck Before...

Scratch the surface and it's amazing what you'll find. Exactly three years ago, the Justice Policy Initiate wrote a piece looking at juvenile sentences.

Guess who they spotlighted? That's right: Sick Ric Howard:

That's Sic Rick holding the map

Here's what they wrote:

"Instead of focusing on anomalies, we need to look at more typical cases like that of Adam Bollenback, a 17-year-old mentally disabled boy with a history of substance abuse. At age 16, Adam stole a six-pack of beer from a neighbor's garage and then managed to slip away from a patrol car after being caught. Not only was he prosecuted as an adult; he was given a 10-year prison sentence. During the sentencing, Judge Ric Howard noted approvingly, "This sentence is going to break your spirit right now."

The guy deserves the moniker.

Following the sentencing, Adam's lawyer asked that the boy be segregated from adult inmates, but Howard rejected the request, stating, "He's an adult, and he's going to be treated as an adult."

That's just great.

In an interview following the sentencing, the garage owner, Charlotte Coadic, said, "If I had known [his age], I wouldn't have called the cops, I would have given him a good tongue-lashing and sent him home."

I bet that if she knew that the poor mentally ill kid would come before a sadist in a robe, she might have even spared him the tongue-lashing.


Anonymous said...

A while after the conviction resulting in ten years for stealing a six-pack of beer another young man involved in a knifing at a Thanksgiving party resulting in a death and another man seriously injured (aggravated Battery) Judge Howard gave him a sentence of about three years. They couldn't find the knife that killed the one man so he was acquited on that charge. SO... our beer is safe in Citrus County FL.

Anonymous said...

I was shocked and horrified by the sentence given to this boy for a miritynor crime, and I'm wondering if anyone is trying to help him. I saw a segment related to this in which Geraldo Rivero interviewed him. Surely something can be done , It's so unfair when a woman who has embezzled millions is about to get the same sentence as this poor young man.

Thanks, Ann McGarity

Anonymous said...

This is crazy ! I cant belive they let this guy on the bench ! He need his day in court i want to be his judge ! I would fry him ! 10 years for a childs prank ? What is this world comming to ? He needs to be dismissed from the bench NOW ! Jon Bidwell citrus county florida !

Anonymous said..., I was about to call this guy's office and leave a lovely little message voicing my opinion about what should happen to John Couey, but now I don't even know if it's a good idea cuz it might add fuel to the fire! Let me just say this...the Florida government scares me.

Sincerely, Lizzie

Anonymous said...

The Gov. ,lawyers, courts, attny general, and judges are protecting their own turf. They all know that Ric Howard makes very poor judgements,in his sentences and his " wonderful choice of words". He should be removed from the bench. He is tyrannical, bullish, bias, and loves attention he gets.... the power he has over this community is unbelievable. People are afraid and even the people in the judicial system have been immobilized by his unfair, bias statements and sentences. They just want to pass the bucket to the next guy as to how to handle Ric Howard. Some people refer to the sheriffs, policemen, and Ric Howard as behaving like cowboys and they trump up the charges, and slap the people with stiff unrelenting sentences.

ambullterrier said...

This judge has stated in the media that he will not retire until he has sentenced 1 million years. He sentenced a relative of mine 25 years and life on parole on his very 1st offense. In Florida you cannot leave the state when you are on parole. So my relative has to stay in Florida the rest of his life and never be able to come home to Illinois where all of his family lives.

Anonymous said...

Thats why I left Citrus County. I coulnd't fathom how this slime justifies his life, those of his cohorts and associates. He is impaired. He doesn't want justice, he wants untimate power to abuse any way he wants. I call him evil. To have such arrogance, conceit and ego-centric ideals. He should be disgraced and disbarred......for 40 wonderous years