Interview with "The Story" about Sex Offender Village...

 I know it's silly, but even after having spent a fair bit of time in the entertainment world I still get a thrill when I see the name of a friend come across the screen on a show I actually love.  Similarly it's particularly cool when a show I actually listen to calls me for an interview.   Which is what happened with a show that airs here on the west coast called "The Story" with Dick Gordon.  They saw the sex offender Op-Doc and called to ask if I'd chat with them (Um...Yeah!).

While Lisa did the show from New York, I got to go down to the NPR West studios which itself was exciting.  Well, here's the result. 


My directorial debut on the NYT

Very proud of this piece. It is the beginning of my work on the subject.

Hopefully this will let Lisa and I find the funding we need to build this into the full length doc we're hoping to do.
Check out the placement and let me know your thoughts...


My new Op-Ed in the NYT: Waiting and Waiting for Justice

The times just posted my new Op-Ed. It's about...justice.

Or more accurately injustice, and how we can make the endemic delay in the criminal justice system more tolerable....