Call to action

Call to action

You've heard that Sinclair Broadcasting is ORDERING it's affiliates to air anti-kerry agit-prop? It's true. I just got this from an insider...please send e-mails to the folks listed below to stop this.

Hi David--
I just checked with my news director and unfortunately, it *is* back on the air. As of Thursday when I left work, it had been canceled but now I'm told it's back on the schedule!

Believe me, I will fight this all the way but in the mean time, please contact Sinclair and let your voice be heard.....
please send your emails to the following:

These are the "higher ups" who've made this decision. If you could do me a favor and share these emails with others who are concerned and please remember that News at Nine has NOTHING to do with this. "The Point" is produced in Baltimore and has no affiliation with our local news. It's important that we get that message out.

Talking Points Memo: by Joshua Micah Marshall: October 03, 2004 - October 09, 2004 Archives

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