Good News for the Guru of Ganja | The Huffington Post

So here it is: My first Huffington Post I actually think this'll be fun.

This one is about Ed Rosenthal.

And it begins:
Ed Rosenthal, the Guru of Ganja, has good reason to fear the feds. It was the Feds after all, pursuing a strangely anti-federalist agenda, that slapped the handcuffs on Mr. Rosenthal and charged him with growing marijuana, and it was the feds that brought and won a case in the United States Supreme Court which affirmed their right to charge and prosecute weed growers and users in states that have passed laws or constitutional ammedments allowing the cultivation and use of marijuana for medical purposes. And, of course it was the feds that tried and convicted Rosenthal back in 2003 and sought to have him imprisoned for several years.

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