DNA? We don't care about that round here...

This should shock you. Despite the DNA Test, a Prosecutor Is Retrying Case

After the DNA results came back in 2002, The defendant, Mr. Brewer was moved from death row to the county jail, where he stayed for five years. Why? Because Mr. Allgood the prosecutor was still seeking the death penalty, Mr. Brewer was not eligible for bail.

After the initial negative, Mr. Allgood tested the DNA found on the girl against that of two men who visited Mr. Brewer at the house the night of Christine’s disappearance. The men were not a match. He also ran a second test that excluded Mr. Brewer’s male relatives. But he did not run the profile against the state’s DNA database, saying in an interview that no such database exists.

That was a surprise to John M. Allen, the assistant director of the state crime laboratory, who said, “We’ve been up and running on our DNA database for years.”

Gotta love it.

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