Help Make Crack-2 Retroactive

While the Retroactivity for Crack Sentence Cuts is being Debated, here is something you can do!

Send a comment to the US sentencing Commission by November 1st.

You can write to:

United States Sentencing Commission
One Columbus Circle, NE, Suite 2-500, South Lobby
Washington, DC 20002-8002,
Attention: Public Affairs-Retroactivity.

Or just call Michael Courlander, Public Affairs Officer, (202) 502-4590.

Tell them to make the crack sentence modifications retroactive.


PD Lisa said...

This news is sweeping through the BOP and all of the guys are hoping for good news ....

Anonymous said...

I live in Texas where they throw the book at crack offenders. My husband got 8 years on a 1st offense drug charge. If they don't make this law retroactive I am contemplating flying a helicopter into the wreck yard and flying to the Bahamas!!!!

Anonymous said...

Make crack retroactive!! These guys know they did wrong but do they honestly deserve such harsh sentences? Some of them get harsher sentences than someone who committed murder, manslaughter, kidnapping, rape etc. What's wrong with the government today?

Anonymous said...

my son is serving a n 11 year sentence on a first time offender.not only should they make the crack law retroactive they need to do something with the conspircy law That whats getting Our famaily member so much time.Conspircy and the sentencing guideline.

Anonymous said...

my hushand got 17yrs on a 1st offense he has served 8 already we have six kids. please make this law retroactive. the time the system give drug offenders is beyond ridiculous people will make mistakes all the time that doesnt mean take majority of their life away.

Aaliyah said...



Our Loved ones are Coming HOME!!!!

What better way to come home after been so greatly injusticed than coming back at a time when justice is doing it's job!