How Likely Are Sex Offenders to Repeat Their Crimes?

Like many hysterical folks over the last few years, Fox News (like the Wall Street Journal) has said of child molesters, “Not only are they almost certain to continue sexually abusing children, but some eventually kill their young victims.”

As it turns out, the numbers don’t bear this out. Not even close.


Mark Bennett said...

You can't just leave us hanging. Give us some stats!

Los de Abajo said...

The mad hysteria around persecuting "sex offenders" is another example of legal lynching. Irrationality, fear mongering, without the benefit of reason, is what will lead to further problems of persecution of people and the reloading the prisons and keeping the correctional industrial complex capitalists. You see, the poor bastards are going to need more people to lock up since they no longer can keep people behind bars for the crack offenses.