I'm a Philandering Blogger...

So in addition to posting my own thoughts about things here (where my personal reflections on writing, being in hollywood, and doing the show get a bit of air), and Huffington Post (Where I occasionally post random legal and other musings), I've been asked to participate in a very smarty-pants legal blog at Slate.

The blog is called "convictions" and the contributors include genuine heavyweights--guys like Balkin, Barron, Kerr and Dellinger. (The complete list is here and a list of my posts so far is here.) Mostly I'm there to dumb down the conversation and get everyone away from their ethereal battles about theories of judging, or the unitary executive. As readers here know, my tastes are far more pedestrian, and my concerns far more reified--hence my last post about how wildly screwed up sentencing for acquitted conduct is.

Anyhow, just thought I'd explain where the absent verbiage has gone.

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