This you gotta see!


Unknown said...


I hope you will be using your platform at Slate to respond to the article Adam Liptak has just published in the NYT attacking the exclusionary rule. It is frightening to think that many lay people may read that article and believe the inaccuracies he bases so much of his argument on(and there should be no doubt that Liptak is advancing a position) when we already have a SCOTUS so hostile to the 4th Amendment.

-Lee J. Stonum
Deputy Alternate Defender,
Orange County, CA

Blonde Justice said...

Wow, looks good! I'll be setting my Tivo. And I feel like I know exactly which judge Jane Kaczmarek is supposed to be...

Melissa said...

I can't get over Mark Paul Gosseler's HAIR! It's distracting.

Yeah I'm shallow.