Thinking about time...

In the wake of yesterday's news that RTB had been cancelled, I found myself thinking a lot about the whole arc of my life, (leaving The Bronx Defenders, writing Indefensible, going back and forth to Hollywood etc) and more specifically about time and doing time. It turns out there's a handy website that calculates the number of days between dates, allowing me to easily determine that there were 1,259 days from the day I got a phone call from Steven Bochco and we agreed to do a show, until its cancellation two seasons later. In the spirit of idiotic RENT songs, the website also informs me that: 3 years, 5 months and 10 days also converts to:

108,777,600 seconds
1,812,960 minutes
30,216 hours
179 weeks (rounded down)

But put another way, it's almost exactly a four year prison sentence with good time, or what the feds would describe as a 48 month guideline sentence.

I am sad to see the show fall by the wayside. There was so much more I thought the show had to say, and I really felt we continued to improve from a story and character standpoint. I suppose I was even naive enough to think that a third season would have offered us a critical reappraisal. But, as a friend of mine use to say, "at least no one calls me "old peg leg".


Pedantic Contrarian said...

sorry to hear about RTB... it was certainly time well spent.

Dan A. -- Wisconsin said...

My condolences on the cancellation of a great TV drama. BTW I have 1336 days until retirement.

the ice chewer said...

"Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck." The Dalai Lama

Anonymous said...

This is a bummer, but this seems an opportune time to say that it's time for another book! Please?!

Blonde Justice said...

Sorry to hear it, it was a good show. Wishing you the best of luck in whatever comes next.

Anonymous said...



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