Just run the freaking numbers...

The right wing pundits constantly yammer about their faith in the markets. So in light of all the criticism of Obama and economic policy, I thought I'd take a look at how the markets actually performed in the first 21 months various presidencies.

Check it out!


DOW BEGAN: 970.99
DOW ENDED: 824.01
For a LOSS of 17.8 PERCENT


DOW BEGAN 2,239.11
DOW ENDED 2,427.48
For a small GAIN of 7.8 PERCENT


DOW BEGAN: 3,241.95
DOW ENDED 3,878.18
For a GAIN of 16.8 PERCENT


DOW BEGAN 10,581.90
DOW ENDED 7,698.81
For a whopping LOSS of 37.4%

And finally...


DOW BEGAN 7,949.17
DOW ENDED: 10,819.31
For a GAIN of 26.5%

Ok, so can we please cut out all this crap now? Let's all be good little republicans and trust the actual numbers which make clear that democratic presidents have been great for the market. The market LOVES democrats, and that what the numbers actually make clear is that Obama has been astonishing at rallying the market, and wildly effective in shepherding in a massive recovery. Indeed, as the numbers make clear, Obama can legitimately claim to have presided over the biggest first 1/2 term market rally in more than 40 years.


Anonymous said...

This should certainly make right-wingers shut up. However, I do not think that Wall Street has ever been a good predictor of how the average guy is doing. I am very dissappointed that Obams has squandered the opportunity to improve things for the average american through, among other things, regulatiom of the economic sector and increased assistance for those facing foreclosure and homelessness. I work at legal aid and we had 17 new foreclosure client come in last week

Anonymous said...

OK I see you're using 21 months--a curious number. Usually it takes longer for a new President's policies to have much effect. So 21 months--could that be a number that works best for what you're trying to pull out of the largely random noise of the DOW when we're looking at less than 5 years/