Politics and the criminal law...

Thanks to the republicans, it's time to completely abandon the pretense that the law is blind to the parties it judges:

"In Texas, state Republican legislative leaders and party officials are considering some maneuvers of their own in light of the investigation. One proposal would take authority for prosecuting the campaign finance case away from the Democratic district attorney in Austin and give it to the state attorney general, a Republican."

The New York Times > Washington > G.O.P. to Make Ethics Inquiries Harder to Begin


The Ghosts of Blogs Past said...

Three things:

1. The media shouldn't keep reiterating that the DA conducting the campaign finance investigation, Ronnie Earle, is a Democrat. Earle has prosecuted way more Democrats than Republicans in his career.

2. Texas AG Greg Abbott requires a wheelchair, but that hasn't stopped him from attempting to water down bills meant to protect people with disabilities. He also scored a pretty penny in the accident that made him paraplegic, but then went on to support tort reform. No scruples whatsoever, that one. So obviously the House GOP leaders would want him to take the case.

3. It says a lot about these Republicans that they're willing to make up new rules just to help a piece of crap like Tom DeLay. What a powerful loser -- he has so much influence over so many fellow losers. Read "The Hammer" by Lou Dubose or Jan Reid, or any of Lou's follow-up articles in the Texas Observer or Mother Jones, and just marvel at how people fall over their sorry selves to please this guy. My fave DeLay scandal is this one brewing with the Indian reservations... - Lauri of

Indefensible said...

You’re absolutely right. Earle has gone after anyone he thought was corrupt, but as you well know, fairness or evenhandedness ain’t the point here. The arrogant SOB’s just want to be left alone to pillage the country’s coffers without interference from whiny people always talkin’ about ethics.