They Fry Inmates Don't They?

Adam Liptak does a good job of exposing the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals and the Fifth Circuit as the hypocritical activists they are--especially when it comes to ignoring due process violations in southern death cases. Here are a few samples:

The two courts have been resistant to claims involving withheld evidence, lies told by prosecutors and problems in jury selection...

The consequence, some experts say, is a Texas criminal appeals court largely unleavened by general practitioners and the kind of top legal talent that fills corporate boardrooms. Indeed, seven of its nine members are former prosecutors who tend to run on tough-on-crime-platforms and, critics say, embody the court's anti-defense bent.

"No one runs for the Court of Criminal Appeals on a platform of vindicating constitutional rights," said Professor Steiker, the University of Texas law professor.

Thanks Adam.

The New York Times > National > Rulings in Texas Capital Cases Try Supreme Court's Patience

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