Out In LA...

Sorry for the long delay in posting. I've been in Los Angeles for the week tromping around seeing friends, having "meetings" and copy editing the book.

There is, of course much to blog about including The final installment of the Saga of the Florida PD entitled Judgment and the inane and misleading Op-Ed penned by famed prosecutorial putz Joshua Marquis (you can find it here)

In particular Marquis's absurd numerical argument concerning innocence needs some trashing. He'll get it here just as soon as I can find a few extra minutes.

Meanwhile in book news, the flap copy from the book is pretty much done.

Here's how it starts:

“I like the cold. On cold nights, people stay off the street corners; less corner traffic means fewer arrests and fewer arrests mean a lighter arraignment load. All year long, I sleep with the window open, hoping the air drifting in might signal a frost…”

INDEFENSIBLE is public defender David Feige’s hair-raising, dark, and stirring account of a single hot day in the South Bronx—a day informed by crime, punishment, desperation and hope. Following Feige through the underworld of big city justice, we meet sly lawyers and batty judges, hapless defendants and crooked cops, lost souls and courageous giant-killers...

More on that soon as well.

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