The 411 on 323

Quite a day here in Indefensible land. Started off on Fox and Friends at 8:45 this morning where I had a friendly go round with the Fox news folks who were angling to get me to dime out a bunch of judges rather than focus on the larger problems in the system. I did some of that of course, but was generally pleased with the tenor of the conversation. Even nicer was the fact that sitting in the green room was a copy of the New York Times with my Op-Ed in it. Needless to say, I figured no one at Fox was ever going to crack the times, having several copies of the New York Post around. So I "borrowed" it.

Between the these two things my Amazon ranking (which I'm embarrassed to admit I watch quite carefully) soared to a all-time high of 323, and, even cooler, #1 on the Law charts. It was actually quite a thrill, if a rather childish one.

If I can pry my fingers from the refresh button, I'll post more soon.


Anonymous said...

The best thing about Amazon: those crazy reviews! So entertaining.
The fan club always predicted success.

Anonymous said...

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Warp Spasm said...

i'd be obsessed with the "refresh button" too if i had anything on amazon. congratulations on writing a wonderful book!

i am a law student and long to be a pd. i did an internship with a pd's office and loved every minute of it. the descriptions of the judges you face reminded me of my own experiences. i wasn't fortunate enough to have more than one judge, though. i had the same self-righteous, s.o.b. every day.

i took many a lesson from your writing. i especially appreciated the reminders about forgiving yourself and focusing on the client.

i would love to do an internship with or work for the bronx defenders, dc defenders or philly defenders. any pointers about someone from a not-so-prestigous law school getting in would be appreciated.

don't let those fools reviewing your book get to you. i'm pretty sure they didn't read very carefully and/or had something against you to begin with.

all the best,
dennis mcshane aka warpspasm