More fun...

I must say, I'm feeling pretty good right now. Tomorrow morning, I'm doing Fox and Friends. And just as I'm doing my pre-interview, out of the blue I get an e-mail from my editor on the OpEd page of the NYT. It looks like the times is going to run an Op-Ed I wrote some time ago about about the pathetic Illinois study of sequential lineups.

Meanwhile, though it's clearly not quite ready for prime time, my new web design is up and if not quite running then at least close. Then of course I'm being flamed at Amazon by some juvenile prankster who has managed to actually boost my sales by creating controversy.
More soon.


Skelly said...

How much is your agent paying the juvie?

Anonymous said...

If you write another book I have some documents where a District Court Judge in Lewiston Me (Cote, and a local lawyer are having illegal meetings and even put the Lawyer's name (Belleau) on my husbands 401K. We didn't realize it for years but we finally got Belleau's name off my husband's 401K. Belleau contacted my husband's 401K administrator multiple times and misrepresented himself as my husband's lawyer (which he was not).

In the trial (that followed) Judge Gorman found in Cote and Belleau's defense (while banning my non-violent husband from the courthouse (superior court in Auburn)because she feared for her safety.

I have all these documents, and I know of other cases in Maine. The Courts here are very corrupt. Might have a book if you just used Maine.

My husband has worked at International Paper Co Since November 5, 1974. You can reach me at

scott huminski said...

How about prosecutorial acceptance of bribes, double jeopardy violations, prosecutorial threats against filing civil cases, stripping a defendant of counsel, due process violation of a binding plea, Howard Dean and a precedent setting first amemdment case awarding over 1 million dollars.