Conspiring Judges?

According toThe New York Law Journal The state Commission on Judicial Conduct is investigating whether two Manhattan judges should be charged with colluding for political reasons to issue a decision highly critical of District Attorney Robert Morgenthau's office shortly before last year's hotly contested Democratic primary.

The commission is examining whether Acting Supreme Court Justice Michael R. Ambrecht (See Profile), the author of the decision, consulted with Acting Justice William A. Wetzel (See Profile) before issuing the ruling.

It is investigating whether Justice Wetzel was influenced by his support for Leslie Crocker Snyder, Mr. Morgenthau's opponent. The commission has received reports that Justice Wetzel stated to attorneys and others in his courtroom that assistant district attorneys should support Justice Crocker's campaign and that he would assume a top position in the Manhattan office should she win.

You might remember Judge Wetzel--he was the one that essentially assured that awful conviction of Oliver Jovanovic by refusing to admit the explicit e-mails the supposed victim had sent.

Ah, The rough and tumble world of Manhattan Justice.

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Jon Katz said...

David- Thanks for informing your readers about this matter.

On another New York court matter, I've considered avoiding the state entirely, rather than mapping out the parts of New York that have such justice-robbing courts. (See )