Perv-cop to ho: Strip!

Ok, so I'm tempted to start an occasional feature in which readers can submit NY Post-style headlines (like the one above) for hilarious or oddball criminal justice stories. So in that vein, I bring you this story, and invite you to write up your own headline...

MANCHESTER, N.J. -- A police officer who claimed he was conducting his own prostitution sting and strip search ended up being the one arrested.

Authorities arrested James Michael Jackson, a police officer with the state Department of Human Services, and charged him with sexual assault and sexual misconduct for the so-called sting. Jackson, 34, of Toms River, arranged through a service for a woman to meet him Wednesday at a local hotel in Manchester. When she arrived, Jackson, carrying a badge and gun, told her she was under arrest. He made her take off her clothes and consent to a body cavity search before letting her go, said Ocean County Assistant Prosecutor Martin Anton.

As a police officer, Jackson had authority to make arrests, but not through an undercover operation of his own, Anton said.

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