Why bother voting for democrats?

The times reports that there may finally be an accord on Bill to Detain Sex Offenders. The legislation, properly held by by democrats while Pataki was in office is now front and center.

Governor Spitzer made the bill a priority, calling for it recently in his first annual address to the Legislature. And his budget proposal called for the addition of 335 state workers to handle civil confinement efforts, the largest staff increase he has proposed.

The agreement calls for the creation of a new state office of sex offender management, an official briefed on the agreement said. It calls for greater supervision of sex offenders once they are paroled, and would create a new class of crime, a sexually motivated felony, in which prosecutors could try to prove that someone intended to commit a sex crime, even if such a crime was not actually committed, the official said.

It's this sort of pandering, and the irresponsible erosion of civil liberties that can make me regret my vote.

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