A Good Reason to Hate Billionaires

Meet Tom Perkins a guy who has spent 130 Million dollars building a yacht. He charges 440,000 bucks a WEEK to charter it, but Mr. Rich doesn't want to pay the taxes on it. Imagine that. A few months rent to support the system that made him rich is somehow abhorrent to him. The good news: He's not going to get to show off his obscene plaything in NY harbor lest he have to pony up the cash. Much like his yacht, he should be banned from this country for being a greedy pig.

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EGHorst said...

Actually, with all respect, I do not agree with you. Yes, perhaps Mr. Perkins is, as you say, a greedy pig, but who is the State to say that he has to pay more taxes than anyone else? Enter the Socialistic America...

I find it ironic that you are saying this, considering what your occupation is. Perhaps you too are funded by these people you hate so much? Perhaps you should consider that.

Have a nice day!