I won a prize!

Ok, not really a prize, but honorable mention.

The Literary Awards Committee of the Wisconsin Library Association (WLA) selected 10 books by Wisconsin authors for Outstanding Achievement. I'm one of them. Hey, it ain't the national book award, but it's still pretty cool.


brewerburns said...

I just finished Indefensible. It's a fabulous book. It's currently making the rounds at my office (I'm going to go out and buy my own copy though.) I assume that you are no longer a public defender at this point though. What made you decide to stop?

Indefensible said...


So glad you enjoyed it.

As you can probably tell, I loved being a PD, and I only stopped because there was really no way to write full time and give my clients the representation the needed and deserved.

All the best,


brewerburns said...

Well, that makes sense. Sometimes I wonder if there's just an expiration date on all public defenders.