Is Judge Alemán an "Evil Unfair Witch" and is it wrong to say it?

So one thing is very clear. A lot of people don't like Broward Circuit Judge Cheryl Alemán. Her temper and tempermemnt have been the subject of so many complaints that she is now essentially on trial as a result.

Witch Judge?

Now a strange side note to this whole thing is that one of the lawyers who complained about her, now may lose his license for a blog entry he wrote. It seems that in Broward county, the only thing worse than having injudicious judges who appear capricious and vindictive (and hold lawyers in contempt), is actually saying something about them.

Another hilarious bit: it appears that one of the judges who came to Judge Aleman's defense by testifying for her was none other than Judge Eileen O'Connor who I have posted about here, here and here (for you regular blog readers, she was the judge who tried to sentence a potential juror to 4 months in jail).

This whole episode shines a very unflattering light of what passes for justice in Florida. I supposed I shouldn't be surprised to learn that both these petty tyrannical jurists were appointed by Jeb Bush. Still, it does makes me wonder what is wrong with Broward County and with the judicial system down there.

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