Vick Gets 23 Months, Black 6.5 Years

Michael Vickgot 23 months and a lecture today for dog fighting while Conrad Black got 6 1/2 years for his role in a multi-million dollar fraud. It was the same day the Supreme Court loosened the reins on federal judges, allowing them much broader discretion to sentence defendants to below guideline numbers. I've blogged before about how troubling I find the Vick case and the sentencing colloquy does nothing to dissipate my sense that the whole case is a travesty.

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Anonymous said...

Your final sentence leaves me wondering why you are calling the Vick case a "travesty." Is it because Vick should have received a much greater sentence, or a much lesser one?

Myself, I have no problem with it. Vick's 23 months is a much heavier punishment than it would appear on its own because it carries with it the (probably permanent) loss of his NFL career.

A longer sentence would only play into the hands of the animal-rights nut-movement, which is out to ban the meat industry. I shun as hopeless idiots any media outlet willing to broadcast their views.