Trial and Book Update...

Sorry I've been too busy to blog much recently.

The trial continues slowly, with the last defense witness to testify tomorrow.

It's very strange this civil stuff--the defense really has no case, but interposes this bizarre series of technical defenses that are all form over substance. "I only got a photocopy not the original" kind of stuff. Worse still is what they're doing to try to keep their client from taking the stand. I'll tell that story when the case is over. Suffice to say It's made me a bit crazy.

Expect a verdict Friday or Monday.

On the Book front...

The good news is the legal review of the book is done and I've passed with flying colors. Nothing actionable in the thing, just good old fashion strong opinion! I'm very pleased by this especially since I really wanted to name the names of judges and prosecutors I write about, and I have and can.

They are messengering me the copyedited manuscript tonight (unfortunately I won't get it because I'm down at my co-counsel's office working) and I should get a chance to see the final version very soon. Looks like Galley's in February.

Ok, back to preparing jury instructions, and my cross of the last supposed expert.


karl said...

Good luck & get some justice!

ADA A.L. said...

If you write anything good about me, I'm gonna sue your ass!