Gotham Gazette

My Old Stomping Grounds: Bronx Supreme Court

I just thought I'd like to this piece from the Gotham Gazette. July 17, 2006. It''s called A Public Defender's Case and is a Q & A I did for a book group. It really gets into some of the issues that INDEFENSIBLE deals with. And though I'm never thrilled with nearly verbatim transcriptions with their ummms and aaaahs and twisted syntax, this one does a decent job of explaining some of the core beliefs in the book.


Anonymous said...

This Q&A is what makes the fan club swoon. Good stuff. Thanks.

brandon.music said...

even though he has a book,

A defense lawyer with a fan club?
sounds so crazy it just might be true!

Georgiana said...

No, the fan club is real. It's me and fan club member number two. We probably embarrass the object of our admiration, but figure he has to deal with it because he's famous.
He has much more than a book you know. There's TV, radio, and all the published articles, etc.
Sorry, David. Sucks to have a fan club, no?

Blonde Justice said...

Awesome Q&A. I need to get myself a fan club. Maybe I need another decade of practice. And a book.