NGI and about time too.

Thanks heavens for today's NGI verdict in the Yates case.
As it turns out, there is still a little justice out there.

Andrea Yates

Meanwhile, my vote for most decent person: Rusty Yates.

As the Times reported: "Rusty Yates, who has sat through most of the retrial, said he was glad the jury accepted the insanity plea instead of sending Ms. Yates to prison. He talked about how the prosecution showed pictures of the couple's five children before their deaths to the jury, hoping to convince them prison was the best resolution for Ms. Yate's actions. Did they think our children want Andrea to be in prison? he asked reporters outside the courtroom. Did they think that we, her family on either side, want Andrea to be in prison? Is it of any public benefit for Andrea to be in prison? Is she a danger to anyone? It's amazing to me. I'm so proud of the jury for seeing past that."

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respectful said...

I can go along with you about Mrs. Yates. But there ought to be a limit to how many excuses for crime are available exclusively for women. Remember PMS? How about the domestic violence excuse? Or "the evil man made me do it"?

Also, what is the statute of limitations on post-partum psychosis? Is it three months after birth? Three years? Five years? At what point should we not assume a mother who kills couldn't help herself?