Backhanded Compliment..

Don't you just love how the press covers Public Defenders? They just can't seem to bring themselves to just say something nice.
Consider this piece from the Seattle post on the question of who will defend Mark Karr--the man now accused of killing JonBenet Ramsey.

"It's unclear whether John Mark Karr will have a legal "dream team" to defend himself against murder charges in the slaying of JonBenet Ramsey. But he will probably receive a skilled attorney even if he cannot hire his own.

Unlike in many states, Colorado's public defender system is well funded and well respected for its work on complicated cases involving DNA evidence. Legal experts say any attorney considering an offer of representing Karr for free in hopes of cashing in on the publicity should think hard.

See what I mean?


Andy L. (Prosecutor) said...

Maybe I have missed your point Dave, but it seems like the article is not so bad for PDs. For one, it includes this quote from Larry Pozner:

"The irony is the public defenders are completely suited to knock the stuffing out of this case," he said. "In a first-degree murder case, you could spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to hire a lawyer as good as the public defenders are likely to be."

And, the article makes the point that many other indigent defender organizations are poorly funded, which I believe is one of your central themes, right?

Not that bad really, I think.

M. Brenner, Esq. said...

Hey, Andy!! Are you still kissing up to LaTia? You sap! I can beat you in any DV case with my hands tied behind my back. And as far as our boy David Fegele is concerned...he has not tried a case in years. Any green DA - even from Staten Island could whip his ass. Hang it up, Dave, you sanctimonious, pompous piece of dogshit. I hear the Legal Aid has an opening in the Bronx. How about you sign up and teach David Clarke a thing or two. Oh, by the way....fuck you.

Anonymous said...

Now do you know what I mean by a troll? Strange that your troll appears to come from the defense side while the prosecutor makes a legitimate point.

The article is generally positive but the sentence about "unlike in many states, Colorado's public defender system is... well respected for its work" is a bit of a backhanded compliment that reinforces an unfair p.d. stereotype.

When the President of a local university made a similar comment, a law professor wrote an article saying that if he had Warren Buffett's money and were charged with murder, he'd give it away so he could be represented by my boss, he made a good point.

Not all p.d's are this good (let's face it, some are "pretenders") but Brenner's comment clearly shows that spending money doesn't guarantee you don't have an asshole representing you. Juries pick up on these things no matter how well we think we hide it, so I'm guessing the advice to hang it up isn't about you but about his last trial.

anon said...

. . . . Me-thinks Herr Brenner, Esq. has had one shot too many of testosterone. That stuff will make one sound like an idiot . . . and write like one too!
. . . . Try a case with hands tied behind your back? How will you get up when you fall on your face?