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What do you do when the entire culture thinks you're a bunch of crappy lawyers in bad suits who can't get better jobs?

Change the culture. Tell the people. This one makes me proud...

Mark-Paul Gosselaar got a real-life dose of the public defender's world before assuming the role on TV, in Steven Bochco's TNT "Raising the Bar" series that debuts Sept. 1. Due to the show's cocreator David Feige's ties with his former colleagues in the The Bronx Defenders office in the South Bronx, he relates, "They allowed me to become an intern for a week."
"Television has had an obsessive focus on prosecutors and high end defense attorneys," he points out. "I thought of public defenders as being schleppy attorneys who only became public defenders because they weren't good enough to go elsewhere. But that's not David's world with The Bronx Defenders. You find Ivy Leaguers, people who want to make a difference, to use the power of their law degrees to help the powerless. Their clients need protection from the system. Usually they have about 100 cases going on all at once. Obviously they're not doing this for money. They have such a connection with their clients.


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David Tarrell said...

I think RTB will find an audience, but press like this makes your efforts worth it even if it doesn't.

Congrats. BTW, I'm attending a MacCarthy and MacCarthy cross seminar next month and always think of their "one word cross" example compared to the way you described a good cross looks on the page...


I love both methods and still use both, depending on the purpose.

Dave Tarrell