Warriors for Justice - WSJ?

Interesting that the Wall Street Journal sees it this way...

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David Tarrell said...

I know you're probably very busy with the show, but I received an email from Matt Diaz, the Navy JAG who sent the names of the Gitmo detainees to the plaintiff CCR on his last day on duty there. He was prosecuted, spent 6 months in the brig and is now trying to support his family while his bar license is temporarily suspended.

I've been in contact with him periodically but he emailed me last week to say that, after moving his family to NYC to a teaching job, and after spending 7 weeks there training to begin teaching this week, he was informed (by email!) last Thursday that he needn't bother to show up as he hadn't passed a background check.

So now he's looking for work in the city, willing to move elsewhere but hopeful something will turn up there so he doesn't have to uproot the family again.

If you have any ideas about who might be hiring, they'd be greatly appreciated. If you drop me an email I'll send you Matt's.

All the best.