Sex Offenders Banned From Storm Shelters

That's right--Florida Sex offenders should go to prison if the weather gets bad. After all what better place to seek comfort and shelter from the storm than a prison?

The policy was created to keep sex offenders and predators away from children, said Robby Cunningham, a spokesman for the Department of Corrections. Genius.


Anonymous said...

Isn't this a good thing? It means that sex offenders might die during storms. I don't have a problem with that.

Anonymous said...

Not if you are a sex offender because you were indicted by an overzealous prosecutor for sexual misconduct with a minor for sleeping with your 16 year old girlfriend when you, too, were 16. I mean, that poor 8 year old in Utah just barely missed having to register for being groped by a babysitter. An this is Florida, home of the 1980s Janet Reno fuled fake child molestation scares. Who knows what sort of decent people have been wrongfully accused and convicted down there.

Anonymous said...

Yes, wrongful convictions are sad, but we have to protect children. It's better that those few (and they are less than 1%) are denied storm shelters than many children are put at risk.

Anonymous said...

What were those idiots thinking? Obviously they weren't clever enough to consult with defense attorneys before deciding it might not be a good idea to put convicted sex offenders in close contact with scores of potential victims. What morons!

I'm with the defense attorneys and the ACLU-- if these guys wanna bugger children, hey, this is America and everybody's got the right to satisfy their sexual needs.

Anonymous said...

All sex offenders should be killed. This is another way to impose the death penalty. Good.

Anonymous said...

Why does it trouble you that child sexual predators will be denied access to storm shelters? In shelters, and during times of natural disaster, children are most at risk. Do you think the safety of a child molestor is more important than the safety of a child?

Anonymous said...


Are all your readers total assholes? Too bad.

Used to be a man did his time and was done but under our new "Christian" nation, ironically redemption is a thing for Saints, not sinners.

Boston has gone one "bettah" - deny the perves access to the Public libraries, too. Why not? They're just "perves" after all and we deserve to be "safe."

Fools! This is how it starts. Ever read a history book?
They decide who gets civil liberties and who does not. Just hope you stay on the right side of the constantly shifting fence. Now it is x-con sex offenders who deserve no second chance. Next it will be all x-cons. I mean,why not be extra safe since you know some of those x-cons probably did do a sex crime here or there but "got away with it?" Next they might as well "prevent it" before it happens right - Like Boston Mayor Menino saying how we need to be "proactive, not just reactive." I say - lock up every person with a penis from the age of 12 till 45 and we'll pretty much not have to worry about ANY sex offenses.

Now THAT'S safe.

Anonymous said...

Hey, you can justify just about anything if you say it is "for the children." I wonder how many kids were groped and/or raped in storm shelters anyway? If there have been incidents, then where were the parents? It isn't like you have ANYTHING else to do in a storm shelter but watch your kids and you certainly should be doing so during a natural disaster. Personal responsibility, people!

The Great Macaw said...

Welcome to the new christian "faith based" era, a kinder and gentler nation. I will share my shelter with whoever needs it, and I have. Even hypocrites.

Lord, protect me from your followers.