Curses Foley'ed Again...

This is astonishing. Big republican congressman grandstands on kid-porn issues, while cybering with underage pages.

Mr. Strip off the Boxers

I rarely ever want anyone to go to prison, but here, the schadenfreude overwhelms me.


Anonymous said...

You know what, David, in a way I still blame you and or your profession. You guys kotowed, you let people like Mark Foley railroad all over one's personal and professional civil liberties because you feared drawing the ire of the rapture right.

You let these guys pass the laws, you attorneys failed to fight for your clients especially with regards to matters similar to Foley, and you continue to do nothing

And now look; the guy at the forefront of it all is a pedophile, caught red handed sweating under age Congressional Pages for sex.

And because of Mark Foley, our civil liberties are if not withered away because you and thousands like you bought it, hook, line and sinker.

Once the dust settles, it'll be you Defense attorneys next to answer.

Anonymous said...

That's just an ridiculous criticism. It's hardly worth responding to because it betrays a lack of understanding of the system so deep one's hard pressed to wonder how you can read anything on the topic.

The problem with defense lawyers, and most lawyers, is they lie. Take a spin through, where a Philadelphia lawyer nails the lying at the heart of the profession in a piece called "Witness Preparation" (or something like that).

Lawyers lie. That's the problem. But there's no solution, is there?

Anonymous said...

I've been reading blogs for years now, but NG's comment has to be the most idiotic comment I've ever come across. NG tells a former public defender, who got paid peanuts to defend poor people, and fight for their rights in court that "you attorneys failed to fight for your clients" and "you let these guys pass laws."

And it concludes with "it'll be you defense attorneys next to answer."

Unbelievable. Apparently public defenders, while overwhelmed with cases and fighting against the political tides to defend the Bill of Rights, were also supposed to take the time to not "let people like Mark Foley railroad all over one's ... civil liberties" simply because we "feared drawing the ire of the rapture right.

H.L. Mencken had a valid point: Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people.

Anonymous said...

Dude, don't blame Feige. Hell, he probably wants to strip the law of any prohibition against inter-generational sex. And he sure as hell is always against the GOP. He's happy as a clam that one of them has been outed as a homosexual predator. He thinks it shows the hypocrisy of the right and yet as a leftist he cannot help but be vaguely in favor of man-boy love.

Anonymous said...

"As a leftist he cannot help but be vaguely in favor of man-boy love."

Mark Foley, sponsor of the Adam Walsh Act and GOP Congressman, is outed as emailing 16-17 year old pages, asking them to "measure" themselves, asking them if he makes them horny, and anonymous accuses all leftists as being vaguely in favor of man boy love.

Talk about irony. The GOP warned pages to stay away from this guy, the IM's are very incriminating, the guy resigns and yet you anonymously implicate all "leftists" in guy who stood behind Bush when he signed the Adam Walsh Act was signed got caught.

Do you know your right from your left?

Anonymous said...

Yea, actually Foley was pretty much a RINO. He got high grades from NARAL and the Log Cabin Republicans. In other words, his recent admission of being homosexual was no big surprise. He was no paragon of the right.

Anonymous said...

So an attorney who gets paid 'peanuts' and is oversaturated with cases is justification for a weak defense?

Now that's what I call idiotic.

No, I don't necessarily blame Feige, just his profession for not foreseeing this train wreck.

If Foley now intends to escape prosecution under laws he help to get passed, then what now happens to the thousands of people who for whatever reason (Stupid, ignorant, "distracted") were convicted?

"Oops, sorry guys, we were bamboozled by the right wing."


Anonymous said...

A good overall rule of thumb is that the most sanctimonious is also the most corrupt.