I'm not 'Dowdy'!

Great stuff. Here's the must read coverage from the NY Daily News


Anonymous said...

Vanity suit?

How about your vanity book?

dtarrell said...

Public defender in the Bronx for how many years, during Giuliani's budget cutting era, and you think writing a book about it indicates "vanity?"

Are you serious, a public defender, who could have taken his litigation skills and cashed in years ago, is secretly vain when he writes a book about the system?

I just hope the suit provides some publicity so more people read about the way the system really works. Now that would be justice!

M. Brenner, Esq. said...

This time I am on your side, Dave. Please feel free to call me as a character witness. I'll even dye my hair and get a new pair of glasses. Love, MB

Anonymous said...
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