Doing it right...

I spend a lot of time railing about the awful press coverage our clients get. So I feel as if it's only fair to give credit where credit is due.

In this case, to CARA BUCKLEY for this excellent piece. I suspect Buckley is a stringer (given that she has just a few more solo NYT Bylines than I do). And my sense is that she's someone who mostly chases down otherwise overlooked crime stories. Nonetheless, this is an excellent example of what happens when someone is willing to look beyond the crime, at the client beneath.

Well done.

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Anon said...

. . . . Sadly, David, they each have a history and too often no one knows . . . or cares. Worse, even when we know and care we almost never have the time or the resources or the understanding to do anything about it. In the truest sense, we are too busy.