For Shame...

This guy gives us all a bad name:

The Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission says James Casson charged a defendant's family three-thousand dollars for work that should have been done for free.The A-R-D-C says Casson told the relatives he would spend more time on the case if they paid him the money. Casson allegedly received a check for the amount but relatives stopped payment before he could cash it.Casson is accused of being dishonest and violating several state rules.He is a private attorney who is paid more than 56-thousand dollars a year to represent criminal defendants as Livingston Countys part-time public defender."

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Georgiana said...

Do other states publish the disciplinary notices in the back of their bar journals every month? It's often said that the back section is the first place most Washington lawyers flip to upon receipt of the WSBA Bar News, as it has usually got the most interesting content.