Time to say it...

So here's what's been rankling me about this whole Duke case: Lets' leave aside the increasingly obvious fact that these kids are downright innocent (One begins to wonder when those dear militant prosecutors who have been making excuses for this self proclaimed "victim" all these months will find the courage to just go on national TV and apologize). And lets' ignore all the other stuff for now, and instead, let us collectively consider what would have happened had these rich privileged white kids been poor (not even black--just poor).

Well most importantly, they'd be in jail. Every one of them. There is no way that a poor kid could have posted the $400,000.00 bail that has been set in the case. And there's the rub. Without money, forget winning the media war, what you'd have is Innocent kids sitting in jail for crimes they didn't commit. No one bothers to mention the tragedy of pre-trial detention but that is what, in the end, it all comes down to. The rich kids watch from the galleries, the poor ones from the jail cells.

And there's the rub. Right there is what's wrong with our criminal justice system.


Anonymous said...

So why not advocate for a bail system based on a percentage of wealth rather than set amounts?

FightforJustice said...

It seems like an injustice. The percentage of wealth seems like a way to fix the problem, unless the accused has no wealth. What is David's suggestion about how to fix it?