I love my friends...

My book is finally here--printed and bound and finished. And though they changed the color of the text (which I hate). There is, at long last a book.

Being in a festive mood, I sent out a link to a bunch of my friends. And, well, I just know some really great people all of whom jumped on Amazon and ordered the book, propelling me on an Amazon ranking rampage all the way up to 5,634. Ah the pathetic things that make authors happy.


sharon said...


Whatis your view our Sebastian Junger's book? Death in Belmont.
What do you think of Josh Marquis's review of his book?
Junger made a point with me as I read the book.
Why would Roy Smith go to the home and commit murder when THEY knew where he would be?


Anonymous said...

Me again
Do you have a view regarding Jungers book?

Indefensible said...

I haven't yet read either the book or the review, but I'll try to take a look soon.