Quoth Moi...

My latest pontifications on the Duke rape case can be foundhere.


Anonymous said...

Three words: William Kennedy Smith.
Privileged, white, rich lacrosse players will not, in the long run, have their futures destroyed by this. Money goes a long way in righting wrongs. And if, indeed, it turns out they were wrongly accused, it seems clear they were involved in something, whether it was rape, sexual abuse, or just trying to shame two black female strippers -- their intentions were far from honorable.

Anonymous said...

Hate to admit it, but even the Feige fan club finds perverse glee in the idea of privileged rich arrogant guys being made miserable, for whatever reason. It must be my inner evil 7th grader. Of course, I'm assuming the point is that if this kind of injustice can happen to privileged rich white kids, the system will most certainly allow it to happen to those with fewer advantages.