Draft Prado

Judge Edward Prado would be a great supreme court nominee and there is a bi-partisian movement afoot to draft his as the next JSC. As it turns out, Judge Prado is someone I know (if vaguely). Back some 15 years ago, when I was trying to decide what do do with my life, I considered doing a federal clerkship. I sent out a bunch of letters and got a few interviews. One of the places I went was to San Antonio Texas to interview with Judge Prado. Why do I remember this? Not just because he rejected me--(he called me personally to tell me that I was his second choice and that he'd already made an offer to someone else, but that if that person didn't accept, I was in) but because in the hours that I spent with him and with his very cool clerks, he was the only person I interviewed with that convinced me that moving to a place like San Antonio and delaying my desire to be a public defender would have been a good move. He's charismatic, kind, playful and smart as hell. He'd be a fantastic choice--so I heartily encourage you to click here and send a letter to your senator encouraging them to support him.

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