Hilarious Hat Eating from the New York Post...

You just gotta love the New York Post when it tries to explain why Raising the Bar worked even though they dissed it.

The piece begins with an admission: "TNT's new legal drama,"Raising the Bar," did something very unusual last week - it succeeded."

Of course what follows is a pan in the form of an apology. Basically they blame the viewers for being stupid. Really. Here's what they say:

"Raising the Bar' is nothing out of the ordinary," says industry analyst Marc Berman of Mediaweek.

But that ordinariness, it seems, may have been why it became an instant hit - and why cable and broadcast TV are now impossible to tell apart.

"It's formulaic," says Berman, "which works because viewers are comfortable with that."

"Critics are almost totally irrelevant," says Fordham University's Paul Levinson, professor of communications and media studies.

"TV critics write to entertain their readers with clever takes on shows - but those readers watch what they want."


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