RCN Class Action Lawsuit...

Guess who the plaintiff in this one is?

RCN Class Action Lawsuit
In October of 2007, Giskan Solotaroff Anderson & Stewart filed a class action lawsuit against RCN Corporation ("RCN"), on behalf of all RCN customers who have had difficulty or have been prevented from canceling Internet, telephone or cable services from RCN.

I. Plaintiff's Factual Allegations
As set forth in the complaint, lead Plaintiff alleges, on behalf of a class of similarly-situated subscribers, that RCN employs unjust or unreasonable practices to delay or prevent its customers from canceling their services, such as freezing subscribers' telephone numbers, placing callers who wish to cancel on hold for inordinately long periods of time, and transferring them from one department to another. Further, RCN fails to provide its customers with a reasonable procedure for canceling their services or transferring them to another provider, as the only way to RCN services is by calling the RCN service department. As a result of such practices, customers have had to spend countless hours on the phone with RCN's customer service and/or pay more for services to RCN than they would have had to pay to RCN's competitors.

II. Relief Sought

The class action complaint specifically seeks:

(1) to enjoin RCN from continuing is deceptive and unlawful business practices;
(2) to require RCN to provide a reasonable means for customers to cancel their RCN services;
(3) the disgorgement of all profits accrued as a result of RCN's deceptive practices; and
(4) the awarding of actual damages to Plaintiff and the members of the class of customers who have had difficulty or been prevented from canceling telephone services from RCN.

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