Judges Sleeping With DA's???

Can't make this stuff up. Or can you?


Anonymous said...

DA's sleeping with PDs??

You do make that up.

Your crappy TV show lost 2 million viewers from week 1 to week 2. Can't wait for the next set of ratings.

It will lose another 2 million next week and you can go back to pretending you're screwing some hot assistant DA in your fantasy world

Anonymous said...

DAs sleeping with PDs?? I'm afraid so.

I practice in a rural area that requires me to do a lot of driving. A few months ago my car gave up the ghost, and I found myself about twenty minutes away from home and in need of a tow.

The guy who towed me was friendly and talkative and figured me for a professional type (the suit and catalog cases tipped him off), so I told him I was a public defender since I didn't want him thinking I was a drug rep. He laughed and told me he used to date a public defender.

After several stories about law school, about how his ex- talked him into going to college, about local scandals, etc., I learned why they broke up.

She had moved a couple of counties away to take her PD job, and he had stayed behind. But they were still a couple, and they still shared a bank account. Some months elapsed, and he began to notice substantial withdrawals from his account. He confronted her about the situation, and that's when he learned the whole story.

She was seeing another guy, they were spending extravagant weekends together, and he was the elected prosecutor for the county where she practiced. The money was disappearing because she had to pay for the extravagant weekends. Mr. prosecutor was married at the time, and it just wouldn't do for the missus to find out. So the PD and my driver break up--my driver states he's not bitter, since they eventually paid him the money back.

Were there ever any sanctions. Not likely. Now the two are married, and the PD manages an office in a county contiguous to the county where he continues to prosecute. If you can't be above reproach, at least be above the law (or state professional rules, or what-have-you).

That being said, I don't think adding the sex between the DA and the PD has added anything to the show--yet. As of the first few episodes, the judge/clerk and DA/PD affairs feel like they have been inserted to make the show qualify for prime time.

So there's room for improvement. Despite the disappointments, I'll keep watching. In all fairness to you, the show probably needed to start slow. An over-the-top premiere would have damaged your vision. But I'm eager to see the didacticism fade away so that the story and characters can develop more.

Congratulations on getting the second season.