Season Two!

Yes, it's true, we've already been picked up for a second season!

As the LA Times reports it: "After just three episodes have aired, TNT has ordered a second season of "Raising the Bar"

Steven Bochco's legal drama, starring the controversial long locks of Mark-Paul Gosselaar, premiered this month to 7.7 million viewers -- the biggest audience ever for a new-series launch on ad-supported cable TV.

To date, the per-average episode is 5.5 million viewers. "Bar" airs Mondays at 10 p.m.


Anonymous said...

Awesome - congrats! sara z

Anonymous said...

Truly unbeleivable.
A show consistently rated at Metacritic as "one of the season's worst."
But if TNT is willing to keep giving away tolls to get people to watch this claptrap, congrats to you Mr. Feige, you've succeeded in selling another load of crap, just like you did in court!
But of course this post will never be allowed.
Only sychophants welcome here.

Indefensible said...

No Cindy,

Everyone is welcome to post and reply here. Including critics. The only comments ever disallowed are those that assail people other than me, or those that are blatantly offensive or overtly threatening.

But really, If you want to slam me, at least have the courage of your convictions (or your husband's) and do it by name. Yes, I challenge Joshua Marquis's absurd policies and ridicule his intellectually bankrupt arguments, but I do directly, publicly and by name. That is what democratic debate is about.

I guess it wouldn't surprise me that a prosecutor could dispatch his wife to post anonymous slimes on the blogs of his critics, but it would be more honorable to just respond to the substance of the criticism.

Then again, if this is your way of being protective of your husband and his unconscionable policies, I'd urge you to grow up, quit the faceless childish attacks and try to craft an intelligent explanation as to why your husband supported the death penalty for kids and mentally retarded people, and continues to use faulty math to justify his positions.

Anonymous said...

Congrats David!

I was one of the ones who really hated the pilot, but was willing to hang in there and give the regular episodes a chance to win me over.

From what I've seen, the original nose dive/tailspin is now on a serious altitude climb. I'm seeing more & more of what I was expecting originally.

I must confess....I am having GREAT difficulty staying up late enough to watch the shows. So I had to watch the feed at the TNT site for the episode that I missed.

Anyway...your making us PD's proud! Hats off to ya!

Lil Spicy

Fly IX said...

Bzzzz We love you and Raising the Bar over here in Dried Salmon County. Anyone want to buy a slightly used (really, not used much locally) DA? We'll let him go for $13,500. Yeah, we pay you.

Faro said...


Another PD here. I love the show and congrats being picked up for the 2nd season.

Especially enjoyable are the clients seeming like real people with real problems.


Anonymous said...

Love love love the show, your the best.
Thank you for challenging the DA of clatsop county. He is now or maybe always have been railroading innocent people.

Kirk said...

What the heck are you raving about Mr. Feige? What does some DA in Oregon have to do with your show?
You have too much time on your hands. You can't really claim the show called "one of the year's worst" by TV Guide is intended to be serious, or are you?

Defender said...

What were the numbers for episode 3?

Tami said...

"Some" DA in Oregon! Hahaha! Josh Marquis must have sobbed at that one! Dontcha know who he is? A VP of the National DA Assoc; Chair of its Media committee; contributing writer to the NY Times; commentator Court TV ... blah, blah, blah ... yet still has time to be in Clatsop County to attend court every single day, according to a speech he gave to the board of county commissioners June '07. A speech that his wife Cindy wrote for him. He is not just "some" DA, he is SUPER DA! (insert eyeball roll)
It's FEIGE'S blog, Kirk et al, what should he be raving about, someone else's bizillionth spinoff of the ever so honest District Attorney with honey blond hair yearning to do "the right thing" but not having the adequate laws to do it?

Erin said...

Who is Cindy and what does the DA of Clatsop County (and where is that) have to do with "Raising the Bar?"
Are the rest of us missing something?
If so, let us know!

It was interesting seeing you in the opening bar scene!

Roosevelt Street In Exile said...


Wow-that's amazing! I am totally hooked. Just watched Monday's episode and I was spellbound. Congratulations. --Selby

Anonymous said...

Cindy is the venom spewing wife of Josh Marquis. For those of you that want to know more she worked for Hustler Magazine and they were married on Lars Larson's boat after they met on the internet. She spends her day writing things that often are not only traced back to her, but they make her and Josh look like greedy, power hungry idiots. Strangely they seem to still have some supporters in the community, but very few. So any time there is a pro-Josh post, or a tongue-in-cheek Josh post, it's Cindy.

JUSTICE1st said...

I thoroughly enjoyed every episode of Season 1, and am eagerly looking forward to the start of Season 2. And I really liked your book INDEFENSIBLE as well.

I'm not surprised that RTB is being slammed by some, however. Specifically, those who just can't seem to handle the idea that citizens CAN criticize state representatives, such as inept or unethical prosecutors when they cross the line into unethical or even worse, unlawful, behavior. It's part of living in a FREE country, or is supposed to be, anyway.

Keep up the outstanding work, our country NEEDS RTB, and more programs like it. Many thanks for a job well done.