Obviously, the feelings that current and former PD's have about the show are important to me. As I've said here, and in comments on other blogs, I has always been my goal to finally portray a public defender who (long hair or otherwise) actually cares about the clients he represents, and show clients as what they really are: human beings with complex lives, who have sometimes done terrible things. And while it might be easier to just not read reviews or give a crap about what other people think about what you do, I actually do care, so it's really heartening to get comments like these:

Another PD here. I love the show and congrats being picked up for the 2nd season.
Especially enjoyable are the clients seeming like real people with real problems.

Or even:

Congrats David!
I was one of the ones who really hated the pilot, but was willing to hang in there and give the regular episodes a chance to win me over. From what I've seen, the original nose dive/tailspin is now on a serious altitude climb. I'm seeing more & more of what I was expecting originally. I must confess....I am having GREAT difficulty staying up late enough to watch the shows. So I had to watch the feed at the TNT site for the episode that I missed.
Anyway...your making us PD's proud! Hats off to ya!
Lil Spicy

Now, obviously, I welcome thoughts and feedback, and totally understand that different people have different reactions to the show, but amid the crush of people questioning my motivations, or just being mean, it's nice to get a little encouragement from the folks on our side of the courtroom.

So thanks.


Windypundit said...

I guess the setup in the pilot just felt too much like a setup, but the next two episodes were a lot more like what I was hoping for. It's a fine line, showing the frustration of the characters without frustrating the viewers.

And thanks for commenting on my blog even though I'm not a PD.

Sanchovilla said...

I've loved the show so far...but when are you getting an investigator in that office?! Preferrably not one that is an ex-cop or paralegal. What can I say, I'm picky.

Sanchovilla said...

Hi David, one more thing. Bloomberg just posted an interview they did with you:

Very cool.

Hawaii PD said...

I just wanted to let you know, I HATED the first episode, liked the second one so-so (too deus-ex-machina). But after the last two episodes I'm a religious fan. The last scene of last night's episode made be believe that relationship MIGHT be plausible. As for the courtrooms, It's slightly different here in Hawaii (where I'm a pd). But it's more realistic to have a judge which is unpredictable either way, like last night, rather than before. And you gave Ricky from My So-Called Life a job. Good Tv! Now don't screw it up.

Edintally said...

When it finally clicks in my brain that Monday 10pm is "must see" t.v. I'll be parked in front of the tube.

Can't remember the last time a show was on Monday that I had to watch? Liking it so far.


Anonymous said...

Why is the fire breathing PD we're supposed to really like sleeping with the PA he opposes on such important stuff as murder trials? I know the show has to have some sex but that coupling is placed in such a way as to really detract from any credibility long hair has when he spouts off in the bar about how his clients "are getting screwed".

Edintally said...

Anon raised a point I was thinking of... I know some of the characterization might be stereotypical, but if PAs are really like that out of the officer, I really couldn't see myself having a beer with them. I find that sort of lock step mentality infuriating. I should probably work on that heh.

k moran said...

I actually haven't seen the show since I am a busy pd without a tv, but I did want to say that I saw you give the closing talk at NCDC and it was a transformative experience. Your goal of writing a show that expresses our clients as real people with the pds who actually care is an awesome concept.