How'd we do?

Stephen Bochco court drama scores highest viewer, household totals of any new basic-cable show ever; best 18-49 numbers of year for any new basic-cable series.

We done good.
Thanks to all.


Tonja said...

Congratulations! I had my fingers crossed!

Mark Cogan said...

Outstanding! Congratulations from your friends in Oregon. One of my fellow criminal defense attorneys out here asked me how realistic the story is. Of course I told him it is totally realistic. Hardly a day goes by that a public defender does not win a not guilty verdict AND get put in jail for disrespecting the trial judge AND have sex with the prosecuting attorney. Excellent work, David! Looking forward to more of the same!
Mark Cogan

Anonymous said...

Great show.....just read the comments on the message board for the show...people should just enjoy the show....the cast and the story lines. This is meant to entertain..and it does just that..
so..enough pickiness....sit back..and have some fun with this.
I plan to.