TNT Uses Tolls In TV Marketing Ploy - 08/29/2008

TNT Uses Tolls In TV Marketing Ploy

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Seth Abramson said...

Hi David,

I thought you should know about this.

Unfortunately, it's how I really feel right now as a recently-retired PD. I was truly hoping for more from this program, and will admit to being somewhat piqued that my hopes were dashed so violently tonight. I'm sure my fellow PDs back in southern New Hampshire and the Boston Trial Unit are thinking similar thoughts tonight. I realize Philly got cancelled, but it strikes me as having hit substantially closer to the mark, and on some level I have to believe that you know that and are yourself somewhat disappointed (I can only imagine the editorial processes you have to run your ideas through).

I'm still hoping, I suppose, for a turnaround down the line. I understand the program's initial episode order was small, so maybe there's still time.

Be well,

P.S. If you read my initial post on the show, you'll see I really was quite hopeful. My blog gets about 300,000 unique visitors or more a year, so I had been hoping--truly hoping, with every fiber--I'd be able to commend them (many are attorneys) to the show.