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Nightmare at Day Care

Over the years, I've read several accounts of the Wee Care case, but but this one, by Lona Manning does a fine job of exposing the reality of these awful cases.


Scooter Libby Pardon Countdown Clock...

With his approval rating hovering at historic lows, Bush 43 has little to lose by doling out political favors to his allies as he walks out the door. And if there is anything we've seen time and time again from this administration, it's the naked political rewarding of friends and punishment of enemies. Even though this president has no political capital left, fear not, he's going out a deficit spender. It is in this spirit that I hereby inaugurate the Scooter Libby Pardon Countdown Clock, which will count backwards until 4:25 PM Eastern Standard Time January 24th, 2008, at which time, I predict president Bush will Pardon Libby and perhaps a few others...


Citing Workload, More Public Defenders Are Refusing New Cases

As the economy continues to go south, and budgets continue to get slashed, we're in for a long hard fight to try to maintain even the barest of minimum standards. What's strange, of course, is that politicians don't see how arrest and enforcement patterns are the problem. Anyway, this has been a long time coming.

My favorite bit of the piece:

"On one day in April, Ms. Weber had 13 cases set for trial, so she had to arrange for delays in all but one. That same day, James A. Simons, 59, who was in jail on child pornography charges, was offered a plea: one year in prison. Ms. Weber said she simply had no time to discuss the offer with him, but that he would have accepted it and ended his case.

Not receiving an immediate agreement, prosecutors gathered more evidence and rescinded the one-year offer. Mr. Simons ultimately had to accept a five-year sentence. “My client suffered and it makes me feel terrible,” Ms. Weber said"

Who among us hasn't been there?


Say No More...


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