Nasty Georgia Judge Accused of Misconduct Will FINALLY Resign...

The Honorable Amanda Mc. Nasty Williams

Judge Amanda F. Williams was so nasty she once jailed a defendant for using the words baby momma, oh yeah she also detained offenders “indefinitely” without access to lawyers, Well now she's OUTTA HERE...

According to the commission’s 14-count list of charges against her, she sentenced drug-court defendants to “indefinite” detention “until further order of the court.” In one case, she ordered that a defendant be denied any communication.

“Nobody! Total restriction!” she ordered, according to the complaint. “No mail, no phone calls, no visitors.” The complaint says the defendant, who had a history of mental illness, spent 73 days in solitary confinement and tried to kill herself while in jail.


Prosecutor fighting charge of rape - SFGate

How much do you love a prosecutor who allegedly rapes a woman while waiting for a jury in a molestation case? Seriously!

This from California:

As Michael Gressett waited for a jury verdict in a molestation trial, the Contra Costa County sex crimes prosecutor had what he called a "nooner," bringing a fellow prosecutor to his Martinez home for intercourse.

What happened next, on May 8, 2008, is the subject of an explosive rape case brought by the state attorney general. It involves a gun and an ice pick, but rests on a simple question that Gressett often asks juries to decide: Was the sex consensual or forced?