The Bronx Defenders and Robin Steinberg (My Wife) Win Impact Award!

Big congrats to my wife, and her amazing organization!
Today the New York Law Journal awarded The Bronx Defenders and Robin Steinberg the 2013 impact award for the work they do, joining other impressive winners like the Chief Judge of the Second Circuit, and The Skadden Fellowship Program...

Very good wife!


It's rare and wonderful to see the results of actually just saying "no" to the crazies.

But it's also gotten me thinking about the messaging opportunities for progressives.  That's because more than almost anything else, the recent government shut-down makes abundantly clear that the Tea Party is really more like a Frat Party--a bunch of idiotic juveniles who exhibit an infantile delight in breaking things.  It seems to me to set up a terrific opportunity to send a clear message:  Time to return grown-ups to congress.  If I were the DCCC I'd target every single Tea Party seat RIGHT NOW, regardless of how "safe" it seems, and I'd blast them with that essential message:  Your congressman just tried to blow our country up.  Time to put adults back at the controls.  Howard Dean was right with his 50 state strategy, and right now is a perfect time for us to begin the process of peeling off moderates.

They have been unmasked.  Time to make a point of it.

New, Young Help for Poor in Infamous Bronx Courts

A nice little piece about the law student internship program at The Bronx Defenders...
New, Young Help for Poor in Infamous Bronx Courts -


How to twist the law...

NEW YORK — A New York judge has declined to appoint an attorney for a man captured in Libya last weekend who is charged in the deadly 1998 bombings of U.S. embassies in Africa.
Federal Judge Lewis Kaplan on Friday rejected an application from the head of the Federal Defenders of New York to appoint an attorney for Abu Anas al-Libi (AH'-boo AH'-nahs ahl-LIH'-bee).
The judge says a lawyer can be appointed only after an arrested defendant arrives in New York and proves he cannot afford a lawyer.
The 49-year-old al-Libi was seized last Saturday and has been questioned aboard a U.S. Navy warship.
Kaplan says the government denies an official arrest has taken place.
Al-Libi is charged in Manhattan in bombings that killed 224 people, including a dozen Americans.

--Yeah, he's probably not indigent...
Talk about fig leaves and technicalities...


Go Daddy!

My Father, on marketplace today, talking about the new $100 bill.  That's what I call currency...

The new $100 bill makes its debut |

The Bronx Defenders Gala...

Check out our recent Gala Video:  I spent a chunk of time editing it, and have to say that as one of those original 8 attorneys, this makes me really proud.

(The password is BXD)