Bad ID's make bad cases. Doh!

Ah, innocence, so powerful, so publishable. In today's times, Adam Liptak discusses a Study of Wrongful Convictions and concludes, as does the author that "Professor Garrett’s study strongly suggests, that there are thousands of people serving long sentences for crimes they did not commit but who have no hope that DNA can clear them." You don't say?

Can't wait to see Josh Marquis debunk this one.


I won a prize!

Ok, not really a prize, but honorable mention.

The Literary Awards Committee of the Wisconsin Library Association (WLA) selected 10 books by Wisconsin authors for Outstanding Achievement. I'm one of them. Hey, it ain't the national book award, but it's still pretty cool.


PD's vs. CJA Lawyers?

It turns out the Public Defenders come out on top

"But the study concludes that lawyers paid by the hour are less qualified and let cases drag on and achieve worse results for their clients, including sentences that average eight months longer." A very interesting read.


Administration refuses to issue prison health report

According to Dr. Carmona, Bush's own Surgeon General, the administration is squelching a report on the inadequacies of our prison health care system...

“The correctional health care report is pointing out the inadequacies of health care within our correctional health care system,” he said. “It would force the government on a course of action to improve that.”

Because the administration does not want to spend more money on prisoners’ health care, the report has been delayed, Dr. Carmona said.

“For us, the science was pretty easy,” he said. “These people go back into the community and take diseases with them.” He added, “This is not about the crime. It’s about protecting the public.”

It doesn't get much more disgusting that that.


A Good Reason to Hate Billionaires

Meet Tom Perkins a guy who has spent 130 Million dollars building a yacht. He charges 440,000 bucks a WEEK to charter it, but Mr. Rich doesn't want to pay the taxes on it. Imagine that. A few months rent to support the system that made him rich is somehow abhorrent to him. The good news: He's not going to get to show off his obscene plaything in NY harbor lest he have to pony up the cash. Much like his yacht, he should be banned from this country for being a greedy pig.